Tentative Title: Gold-Plated Wealthy Family

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is the information I've collected from other sites and forums. I just want to put everything together; it is not an update entry on the series.


Gallen Lo
Ray Lui
Kenix Kwok
Anita Yuen
Jamie Chik
Nancy Sit

It appears that the above names, especially Gallen, Kenix, Ray, and Jamie are confirmed. Anita Yuen will play Gallen's wife. Kenix-Ray-Jamie will have a love triangle relationship with Jamie being Ray's legitimate wife while Kenix will be his soulmate. Nancy might play Ray's mother.

Kenix's character will be a lawyer. It looks like another strong, independent role for Kenix but this time, I hope her character will have inner conflicts with twists and turns. I dread another role like Kit in Take My Word For It.
While I was hoping that this will be a second collaboration of Kenix and Gallen, the idea of pairing Kenix with Ray is equally pleasant. I like Ray as an actor, especially his role in The Upheaval with Idy Chan in 1985. I'm looking forward to watching them together as a couple.

The filming will likely start in late November.

Warning: a lot of the information on the characters' relationships above is still rumors. As we all know, TVB likes to change their script everyday so don't put your hope too high.