Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy B-Day to my sweet Idy Chan Yuk Lin!!!
sometimes i wonder why we have to say b-day wishes to Idy every year in forums, scrapbook, & tonight at my blog, with a very little chance (if not impossible) that Idy will ever read. i wonder what she's doing right now; maybe celebrating a small party with her friends & family, or doesn't celebrate at all.
anyway, i still wish her a very fun-filled day, with all wishes granted!

March 25, 2007
12:24 a.m.

Face to Fate airs on Pay Vision

Thursday, March 22, 2007
[Ta Kung Pao 22/03/07]
Frankie Lam Enjoys Japan Holiday - Tavia is Envious

TVB series "Face to Fate" will begin airing on the Pay Vision channel on 27th March and a group of cast members including Frankie Lam, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Anne Heung, Nancy Wu and Chun Wong attended a promotional event yesterday. Aside from Frankie who had other work to do, the cast appeared in their costumes from the show.
Frankie and his wife Kenix Kwok have arranged to join Raymond Cho and his girlfriend to go on a trip to Japan soon. He says happily: "The cherry blossoms have come late this year, so when we arrive, they will all be in full bloom. We feel so lucky and may follow the Japanese tradition of drinking wine under the trees. We will also go to the hot springs and shopping. Going as a group of four is a great idea because we can take photos for each other and will not just be taking photos individually. (You have support if you have arguments too?) If you argue when you are on holiday then you are just bringing trouble on yourself. (Are you going to be making babies on your trip?) Making Japanes babies? We go on holiday at least once a year to recharge our batteries, so we will just be having fun.
"When Tavia was asked whether the series will have fewer supporters if it is aired on Pay Vision, she smiles she is not worried because she has the Pay Vision installed and she believes that there will be more and more subscribers.
many thanks to Em at www.tvbspace.net for the translation!
Frankie never gets a favor from TVB when they broadcast series. they either put his series in the warehouse, or only air them on paid channels. first, 10 Brothers, now Face to Fate. i also feel bad for Tavia, who needs more exposure because it seems like her popularity is declining lately. it's good that they aired 10 Brothers, but i suspected that they aired it only to compete with Kenix's series, Redtask, now still airing in mainland.

TEN BROTHERS' overall ratings ^__^

Sunday, March 18, 2007
broadcasting period: Feb. 12, 2007 - Mar. 9, 2007 at 8:30 pm.

Episodes 1-5: averaging 29 pts, peaking at 34 pts (1,890,000 viewers)
Episodes 6-10: averaging 27 pts, peaking at 32 pts (1,760,000 viewers)
Episodes 11-15: averaging 34 pts, peaking at 37 pts (2,200,000 viewers)
Episodes 16-20: averaging 36 pts, peaking at 39 pts (2,330,000 viewers)

Overall ratings: averaging 32 pts, peaking at 39 pts (2,050,000 viewers)

many thanks to tvb4ever & Miki from

if the series wasn't aired during Lunar New Year during which people spent most time going out & celebrating (not staying at home to watch TV), i believe the ratings could've been much higher. i think a light-hearted series like Ten Brothers really suits HK people's taste. oh well, with Kenix & Frankie being away from HK audience for a year, & it'd previously been a warehouse series, making to 32 pts is already impressive! congrats to the whole casts ^__^

Book 7: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Book 7 release date set for summer
FEBRUARY 1, 2007 at 7:37 AM
Posted by GERISource:
It was announced this morning on JK Rowling's web site that the publication date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be July 21, 2007.
From the author's
site this morning:
Publication Date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be published on Saturday 21st July 2007 at 00:01 BST in the UK and at 00:01 in the USA. It will also be released at 00:01 BST on Saturday 21st July in other English speaking countries around the world.
Scholastic has
updated their site with the news that the book will be released at 12:01 a.m. on July 21st and will cost $34.99.
Bloomsbury (the British publishers) also
announced that the book will sell for £17.99.
2007 marks the tenth anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The Harry Potter series has gone on to sell 325 million copies worldwide and been translated into 64 languages. The last book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, sold 2,009,574 copies in the UK on the first day of its release, making it the fastest-selling book of all time. All six Harry Potter books have been number one bestsellers around the world.
Bloomsbury will be publishing their children's hardback edition, an adult hardback edition, aswell as a special gift edition and, jointly with HNP, the audio book, read by Stephen Fry and released simultaneously for the first time. The standard hardbacks have a Recommended Retail Price of £17.99.
Barnes & Nobles in the U.S. will be
selling the book for $20.99, 40 percent off the list price. Barnes & Noble members can buy the book for $18.89, a savings of 46 percent. Customers can reserve the book at any Barnes & Noble store or on their site. A hard-cover edition (according to the BN web site)will be sold for $45.50 and to BN members for $40.95. You can also pre-order the book on Amazon's web site, which also has a selling price of $18.89.

credits to
i'm looking forward to movie 5 more than book 7, but looks like July 2007 will be a great Harry Potter month because Order of the Phoenix will be released in theater on July 13. can't wait!!!
btw, isn't the title of Book 1 Soccerer's Stone instead of Philosopher's Stone? lol ^__^

Idy Chan - Tony Leung: My Golden Couple of 1980s

Monday, March 12, 2007

My sister was looking for pictures in Diezi forum, one of the largest Chinese forums of Chinese popular stars, & she found a beautiful picture of Idy & Tony from filming of The Grand Canal of 1987. there is actually another version of this picture but it has only from the shoulders upward. fans of Diezi really have huge collections of their idols' pictures. surfing there, i always find rare pictures, even the extremely rare ones. in case you're interested, here's the url: http://bbs.diezi.net
The Grand Canal has always been & will always be my favorite ancient series produced by TVB. it has a wonderful plot with many twists and turns, misunderstandings and reconciliations, love and vengeance, peace and war, etc... Tony & Idy lead the powerful casts consisted of Felix Wong, Jimmy Au, Lawrence Ng, Sean Lau, Margie Tsang, Derek Kwok, Lau Dan, Liu Kai Chi, Rebecca Chan, etc...
Tony & Idy (Cheung Sam Long & Lang Ling) have incredible chemistry as they love each other dearly but often have quarrels & misunderstandings. at one point, love will conquer all and they reconcile, but when responsibility
steps in, they argue & fight. the relationship is on & off but the love is consistent. Cheung Sam Long is a very righteous man, but he still cannot kill the woman he loves more than his own life even when she apparently betrays him & indirectly causes hundreds of his soldiers to die. when his friends want to kill Lang Ling wherever they see her, he sets out to kill her himself because "at least i won't let her have a terrible death" being killed by others. however, when he knows she's actually in danger, he worries for her so much that he forgets what he sets out to do. it's so great that they finally settle all their arguments & solved all the misunderstandings, hug & make up, & since then, are inseparable. she stays beside him, follows behind him, & helps him solve all the problems. she can gets cunning & uses dirty tactics to protect her lover's benefits. he, being a righteous man, disapproves her trickery but just cannot stop loving her. Cheung Sam Long & Lang Ling have incompatible personalities, but are still perfect for each other.

Both Tony & Idy deliver excellent performances, as always. Idy looks more mature than Tony, and in fact, she is a few years older than he is. but because Cheung Sam Long has the beard, he looks well-matched with her. everyone's costumes look very beautiful as many of them are wealthy and royal. Idy's outfits, jewelry, hair, & her acting style make her look very elegant & graceful. The Grand Canal certainly consist of many of HK's best actors/actresses; with a wonderful storyline, it's absolutely one of the best series TVB ever produced.

Disclaimer: all the pictures are my collections from various websites on the net, notably Diezi forum.

Frankie & Kenix maintain popularity in HK due to Ten Brother's success

Kenix Kwok's Contract with TVB Will Expire Soon
The ending for "Ten Brothers" was aired the night before. Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam treated the cast and crew to dinner in Saikung, while the group watched the finale together.
Due to the recent ratings success of "Ten Brothers," Kenix and Frankie have enjoyed some unexpected surprises. When Frankie saw a doctor earlier, he received a 50% discount, since the doctor was also a fan of the series.
Kenix and Frankie have also increased their income-earning opportunities due to the popularity of "Ten Brothers." A station in China has requested their appearance on a local show. Kenix also received an offer to film for a health product.
Although her contract with TVB will expire soon, Kenix will consider filming for TVB again if the right opportunity arises.
Reporters asked if Kenix was planning on becoming a mother soon? Kenix replied that she is still enjoying her independence and will delay her child-bearing plans by another year.
At this time, Kenix is focusing on restoring her health so that she can bear a healthy baby in the future.
Source: Mingpao, 03-10-07
translation credits to Jayne at www.jaynestars.com

CONGRATS to Ten Brothers for achieving high ratings!!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 08/03/07]

Kenix Celebrates Success of Warehouse Series

TVB series "Ten Brothers" will be airing its finale on Friday and although the ratings for the show were met with the new year lull at first, it has gradually risen back up, with the ratings for last week reaching 37 points, that is nearly 2.4 million viewers. The show continued to shine as it peacked at 39 points on Monday and averaging 37 points. The show's cast joined together for a champagne celebration yesterday to celebrate in advance for the show to reach 40 points on finale night. In attendance were the show's stars Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok as well as producer Poon Ka Tak, who rushed back especially from Toronto and Beijing respectively for this event.
Frankie and Kenix had been at a stage performance in Toronto and as there has been severe sleet there over the last few days, many flights were unable to land and had to be diverted, so it was very difficult for them to get seats to return to Hong Kong. Kenix said happily: "For this show to have already aired on Pay Vision and still do so well is a big surprise and as an artiste, it makes me happy to know that the audience like your performance. Although it was hard work filming it in the high heat of summer, where everyone's faces were dripping with sweat, it was all worth it." Kenix has invited her ten 'sons' back to her home on Friday to watch the finale, but as some of them have other work commitments, they are unable to confirm as yet.
many thanks to TVBspace (www.tvbspace.net) for the news translation!


i'm so happy for Kenix & Frankie ^__^
it looks like HK audience still favors Kenix even though she has disappeared for about a year already. apparently, Kenix is in good spirit lately due to her rising popularity in China & audience's love in HK. i'm not surprised that Ten Brothers is doing so well. when i rented the series, my mother & sister loved it right away. so did i. the plot is enjoyable to watch, even though it is far from being the best. the brothers are so cute & their outfits are very unique instead of "weird" like some viewers complained. now that Ten Brothers has achieved success in HK, i wonder how Kenix's latest mainland series, Redtask, is doing over there? there has been no news about that yet.

first thoughts

Thursday, March 8, 2007
wow! i never imagined that i'd create a blog for myself. the thought just flashed through my mind tonight, & here i am at my new blog. oh well, i'll see how well, or how long, *___^ i'm able to maintain this blog. so, welcome to Michelle's Beloved!!!