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Thursday, September 27, 2007
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Tony Leung's interview with

Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Exclusive: Chinese Superstar Tony Leung
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September 24, 2007

Some day, everyone in the United States--particularly the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences--will recognize China's Tony Leung as one of the greatest dramatic actors of our times. He was amazing in Wong Kar-Wai's In the Mood for Love and 2046, originated Leonardo DiCaprio's role in Martin Scorsese's The Departed in the original Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs, and who can forget his romantic role opposite Maggie Cheung in Zhang Yimou's masterful epic Hero?
With his latest movie, Ang Lee's Lust, Caution, Leung is one step closer to Hollywood, although it's another Chinese language period piece like the ones Leung has done so well in the past. Set in World War II Shanghai, Leung plays a Chinese politician collaborating with the invading Japanese, who has an affair with a pretty young woman (newcomer Tang Wei) who happens to be a mole for a group of young revolutionaries who plan to assassinate him.

It was thrilling that finally had a chance to meet and interview this amazing actor, especially to learn that he was such a pleasant and gracious person to talk to, and also that he spoke perfect English, which isn't always the case with Chinese filmmakers and actors we interview. Is the book on which "Lust, Caution" based very well known in China?
Tony Leung: I think Eileen Chang is a very well known writer in the 20th Century. In that period of time, she's very well known.

CS: When was it first published?
Leung: (To his manager) When was it published?
Leung's Manager: The book was not published until 30 years after (WWII). I think in the '70s or '80s. Ang would have more accurate information, but she wrote it some time earlier and kept revising it and published it thirty years later. It's only 28 pages.

CS: How was it received when it first came out? Was it controversial?
Leung's Manager: It was not known to be one of her best known books, because she has many very famous books. This is something that was published as a short story within a longer book.
Leung: And the most interesting thing is she's been writing this short story for ten years.

CS: So you'd read the story and were familiar with it?
Leung: Mmm. Ang gave me the book when we first met, so I read the book first before I read the script. I found the story very interesting, and I was very curious how and why she spent ten years writing the short story like this, only because it has a lot of space that you can create your own stories. What really attracted me was the character.

CS: Oddly, Ang's last movie was also based on a short story. They must have developed your character a lot more for the screenplay.
Leung: Yeah, they wrote a lot more.

CS: What were some of the things you noticed that were different or better about your character in the script?
Leung: It's more rich. I think in the script they add more context to the character. He added a lot about how before he moved to Shanghai, before he became chief of the secret agents, he was still human and after he moved to Shanghai, a lot more about the relationship between him and the girl and to his wife, too. That was not a lot in the short stories.
CS: When I talked to Tang Wei, I asked her about working with you, and she said that you were very generous about helping her since she'd never done a big movie like this. Can you talk about doing a movie with a first-time actress and whether your system was different because of it?
Leung: I think it's much easier to work with someone who is not experienced, because she doesn't have a specific style or way of acting, so it's much easier to work with and more interesting, because they're very unpredictable. (laughs) You never know how she'll react, so it's more interactive and it's more fun. I think what I can help her out with is to just make her relax, and make her feel more comfortable, and she's very talented. I think it'll just come out subconsciously, but you have to make her really comfortable.

CS: I assume as an experienced actor, you can do multiple takes the exact same way, but being less experienced, does she do each take different?
Leung: Ang Lee is very demanding, so actually, we had to do many, many takes. Ang always asks you to make more variations, different takes, yes.

CS: When you saw the final movie, were you surprised about any of the decisions he made, since you never know what might end up in the movie?
Leung: But somehow you know.

CS: Tang Wei mentioned that when Ang filmed your love scenes, it was just the four of you…
Leung: Ang, the DP and sometimes the camera assistant or the soundman.

CS: How was it going from having a big crew for all those epic scenes to something intimate like that? Had you ever done something like that before?
Leung: This is my first time. I think our love scenes were so intense so it makes us more relaxed to do it in a mini-group.

CS: Did you not even do that on the Wong Kar-wai movies like "2046" when you were working in smaller spaces?
Leung: Yeah, but not as small as this one.

CS: You are somewhat of a chameleon in your roles, in that it's not always easy to tell it's you. You definitely look very different in your role in this movie, so do you deliberately try to look different in your movies?
Leung: Yeah, I really made a lot of changes this time, because Ang really wanted me to be a different Tony Leung this time, so I changed a lot before the real shoot. I tried to change my body language, even my voice. I used a different voice, even my expression and it really helps me a lot. Ang taught me to walk like his father. He remembered the men from that period of time used to walk like this, especially the officers, and I studied the gestures from some documentary and also from books, psychologically. I read a lot of books about how the secret agents functioned at that time. I wasn't familiar with the history, so I had to study a lot of books.

CS: Was this the most research and preparation you've ever had to do for a role?
Leung: Yes, yes. You have to do as much detail as you can to bring more depth to the character, so actually, after I saw all the real characters in life, I tried to figure out how Mr. Yee grew up, and where he was born, and how he got into military school, so I made him very detailed.

CS: The romance in "In the Mood for Love" is never consummated on-screen, while this one we see the sex in full detail. Can you talk about the differences between your character in the two movies?
Leung: Oh, they're so different. The characters are so different, and it made it very difficult to play Mr. Yee, because I tried very hard to get out of that character, Mr. Chow from "In the Mood for Love," especially when I was working for this movie. Any time I wear that kind of costume with that hair, it reminds me of that character. It's two different kinds of characters. I think this one is more masculine, darker. It's very different.

CS: Did the period costume help get you into the character?
Leung: I think the costume didn't help me much this time. I think the make-up really helps. It made me look more pale, so that makes me--at least when I saw myself in the mirror--think, "This is Mr. Yee." Without the make-up and the other stuff, it's really difficult.

CS: Difficult in what way?
Leung: Somehow, I was in that character (Mr. Chow) for eight years, and it was also a period movie, especially after you put on those costumes and have very similar sets. It's very easy for me to jump back to that character. I remember one night when I was doing the scene where I walk Tang Wei back to her apartment. When I did the walking scene, I said, "I just cannot do it. I cannot find the right rhythm to walk. I just walk like Mr. Chow." He had this sound coming from his high heels, and that hair gel, and you just feel like you're walking in Mr. Chow's rhythm.

CS: You're also doing the "Red Cliff" movie with John Woo and that's a period piece like "Hero," so are you able to use some of the martial arts you learned for "Hero"?
Leung: It's a very different thing. In "Red Cliff", it's a real war happening in those times. It's very different.

CS: How was it working with John Woo again after so much time?
Leung: I worked with him twice, and he's still very energetic. (smiles) I think this is his dream, "Red Cliff," he always wanted to do this, but he never had the chance, and he told me he always wanted to do this. I think this is his 31st movie made in China, so I think it means a lot to him.

CS: There's been a resurgence in period pieces in the last few years. Do you think that the success of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is what's allowed so many Asian directors, both Chinese and Japanese, to make these types of epics?
Leung: No, I think every Chinese director wants to do some historical epic, and you can only do it in China, because you can't find that kind of landscape (anywhere else).

CS: Did you see "The Departed," Martin Scorsese's remake of "Infernal Affairs"?
Leung: Yes, yes, of course I saw it.

CS: What did you think about the changes they made to it?
Leung: I'm a big fan of Martin Scorsese, so I think it's very Scorsese and it's really hard to compare, because we have different culture and backgrounds. He's doing it in his own style and very different from ours, which is more stylish, and he's very solid on the script, also on the background of the character. I think he did a great job.

CS: And what did you think about Leo's portrayal of your character?
Leung: I think he portrayed it in a very different way. I don't mind very much because I like DiCaprio.

CS: They also built-up his back story a bit.
Leung: Right, right.

CS: You're one of China's top dramatic actors, you and Chow Yun-Fat. Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you see yourself doing Hollywood movies and has it been deliberate that you haven't done anything here?
Leung: No, I think I really interested in working with people from different countries. I did a little like I worked with Tran Anh Hung on a Vietnamese movie and I worked with Hou Hsiao-hsien or even Zhang Yimou. To me, that's foreign language, because I don't speak Mandarin. Actually, I would love to work in Hollywood, too. I think once in my lifetime, it would be a very good experience for me, but I haven't found the right script. I should find the right script or the right man in order to do that.

CS: Did you have a lot of people approaching you for their movies after "In the Mood for Love" and "Hero" or "Infernal Affairs," all of which were fairly high profile?
Leung: Yeah, I have some offers, but I'm not interested in the role they showed me, so not at the moment.

CS: There aren't that many strong Chinese characters in Hollywood movies either.
Leung: Right, not much so…

CS: Would you ever consider doing an independent movie, even if it's something like playing someone's father?
Leung: Yeah, I would love to, in the near future.

CS: We've mainly seen you playing a romantic lead, but never a father or a family man with kids. Is it hard in China to get away from the things people are used to you doing?
Leung: Of course. Once you're an icon of something, it's hard for you to change.

CS: That must be why Hollywood is always so intriguing to Asian actors, because there you can do something completely different, for better or worse.
Leung: Mmm-hm.

"Lust, Caution" opens in New York on Friday and in other cities on October 5.

Kenix attended a function in Guangzhou

Sept. 22, 2007

there are only pictures and no news, apparently. i wonder what her upcoming plans are...


TVB Weekly - Frankie in Forensic Heroes

Saturday, September 15, 2007

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Quick updates on Frankie & Kenix

Friday, September 14, 2007
Frankie wen to to Taiwan to take pictures for the TVB 2008 calendar. he will be featured in June with Yoyo Mung, Kenneth Ma, & Chris Lai Lok Yi. there are a few more newcomers too who i'm not familiar with. in the year of 2008, over 60 artists will be featured on the calendar. 60! that's A LOT of people! TVB is loosing their sense of decency in recent years. anybody can be on their calendar now...

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Sept. 6, 2007

Kenix finally appeared in public on a shopping spree with her mother. while shopping, Kenix and Yumiko Cheng spotted each other. apparently, not much is going on with Kenix lately. i wonder if she's concentrating on starting a family or she's just enjoying the comforting break from work. hopefully she'll return to showbiz soon. i miss her performance.

Forensic Heroes II Costumes Fitting Ceremony

Monday, September 10, 2007
Frankie is finally back with TVB, again, for the filming of Forensic Heroes sequel after the success of the first part. however, this time, Kevin Cheng & Charmaine Sheh are added to the casts. with Bobby- the leading man, and Kevin - TVB's new favorite, i wonder how big Frankie's role will be. hopefully TVB will keep his character as important as in Part I and that he'll have a decent amount of screen time. i dont really look forward to watching this series because unlike many, i didnt enjoy the first part. i thought the pace in discovering the evidence and solving the crimes was way too fast. looking backward, i see that no matter how hard TVB try, they can never remake another detective plot like they did for Detective Investigation Files. however, i might still give it a chance for Frankie's sake, if his role is significant ^__^.

Jessica Hsuan's Future Plans

Sunday, September 9, 2007
Jessica starred as a simple girl who was stuck between her father and lover in the Drive of Life, which was very different from the Jessica who is very clear of her directions on her road of love in reality.
Jessica did not have any love encounters recently but she is going select her boyfriend carefully. Jessica mentioned, “Now, I would prefer to be lacking of love than have an excess of it. Actually, there is someone interested in me outside the entertainment industry. I will think of trying it previously but now I will only start dating if I had a strong feeling towards him. Although I have this change in mentality, I had always hoped that the person I am dating would be the choice on my marriage.”

Happy Things in Life
Most of Jessica’s friends were married and were parents, which caused a change in her attitude towards children. Jessica commented, “After getting along with children, I have found out that I am capable of looking after children. However, the responsibility of having a child is too heavy as I worry about the problems on environment and education. As for now, I will not ponder too much about it.”

Jessica did not want to think too deep into her love life and focused on her career. The Drive of Life is the first show Jessica filmed after she signed the ‘per series’ contract with TVB. The ratings of the show were average despite the high regards for the show, Jessica commented, “As an actor, I would certainly have some hopes on the Drive of Life. As this is collaboration with CCTV, I am more concerned about the feedback from viewers than the ratings. I disliked my character in the Drive of Life during filming as she was more stupid and different with my own characteristics.”

Jessica felt that the best reward from the filming of the Drive of Life was the opportunity to work with Damien Lau; Jessica stated, “The happiest thing in life was cooperating with Damien Lau. I liked him and felt that he is gaining charisma. I learnt many things on acting and life from him.”

Enjoying Life
Jessica also learnt the way of enjoying life from Jackie Lui, she commented, “I know how to balance my life now. This August, I filmed a show in China and went on to tour Japan with my friends. I am resting now and would fly to Singapore in October to work on an English sitcom. I planned to go skiing at the start of next year; and film another show in Feb and March. My work and break are alternative. I only knew how to slog for my career in the past and learnt to allocate my time to my family and friends now. I would no longer grab hold of all opportunities in front of me and will not force myself onto things.”

Source: Mingpao Weekly 2026
Scan: Mrs Luk - Jessica's Bravenet Forum
English translation: siaozhabor - Jessica's Bravenet Forum

i'm glad that she decides to cut down her work load and focuses more on her personal life. i'm worried for love life too as she's still looking for Mr. Right at this age. hopefully she'll be able to find him soon, settle down, and have a nice family. all the best wishes for Jessica!

'True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle’ made into a movie

Thursday, September 6, 2007

If you thought Johnny Depp was the world’s unlikeliest buccaneer, just wait’ll you get a load of Dakota Fanning in “The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle,” enthused director Danny DeVito.
The movie, an adaptation of the book by author Edward Irving Wortis (better known by his pen name Avi), centers on the adventures of a 19th Century 13-year-old girl, who must forswear her ladylike upbringing when confronted by intrigue and danger on the high seas.

“[Dakota] is a very proper girl who is thrust into a situation where she has to take this ship and there’s a mutinous crew on board — all sorts of intricate loyalties, and storms, and gunfights,” DeVito excitedly revealed about the set-up for the upcoming flick, for which he is currently “working on storyboards,” he said. “It’s really cool stuff.”

Many daring escapades follow (which we wouldn’t dream of ruining for those not familiar with the book). DeVito says he plans on including all of them. “I’ll be pushing the envelope as usual,” he declared. “It’s a movie I’d love to take a kid to [but] it’s not just for a kid. It will probably be a PG movie - edge of your seat PG.”

Joining Dakota in her journey across the Atlantic will be an Oscar winner and a super-spy, DeVito revealed. “Morgan [Freeman] is the captain, captain Jaggery [and] Pierce Brosnan is Zachariah, the ship’s cook, surgeon, and carpeneter,” he said.

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this is such a wonderful news! i read The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle years ago but i still remember loving the book. the climax near the end was so dramatic that i cried as i was reading it. i definitely look forward to seeing the movie ^__^

Frankie & Kenix make good investment selling their house


Frankie and Kenix bought a house 5 years ago with the price of $700,000. last week, they were able to sell it with the price of $1,760,000. the couple will move into another house with the ocean view. Kenix commented that her house was sold with a great price compared to how much it was bought.

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Be My Guest: Hacken Lee's In-Depth Interview

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hacken Lee in gratutide to Andy Lau for letting him win the competition

Chan (the host for the programme and TVB's General Manager) is one of TVB's senior executives while Hacken Lee is TVB's "godson" - the latter has a higher status. Though it seems like there's a gap between him and Chan, Hacken reveals that this is one of the rare times where he actually talks about Emily.

Hacken has such a close relationship with TVB that he even announced his marriage on JSG. The reason is simple: he performed as guest for Miss HK Pageant Competition back then and hence, got to know Emily. TVB played the role of a matchmaker and Hacken never did forget this. Hacken and Emily held their wedding banquet in November, 2006. The bridegroom was Andy Lau, his competitor. They competed for the Best Male Singer award in 2002 in which Hacken won, and will remember this friendship for a lifetime.

Caption on the side: About his first date with Emily, Hacken said "We agreed to have Japanese cuisine. After I ordered a table full of sushi, she ordered Sashimi. I had to eat all the rice from the sushi. That's why, women are hard to fanthom."

Hopes to give birth to a boy and a girl
Chan: How long have you been together with Emily?

Hacken: Since 1992.

Chan: When she competed for Miss HK, you guys starting dating?
Hacken: Right. Because of TVB, I was the guest performer for that year. I went for the photoshoot in England and France as well. The media back then wasn't as bad as today's. They did not follow us around. When the guest performers and contestants are done with work, we can have meals together which meant more chances being with each other.

Chan: When she was crowned, did you worry over if you two should still continue the relationship?
Hacken: We were only in our twenties and did not think much about this. But after we were together for several years and when both parents met, her mother was worried that this "singer kid" (me) was not serious about the relationship. Let me tell you guys a secret. In 2006 JSG when I announced my marriage, I bumped into Rosa (the caretaker for Miss HKs). She clutched my hand, grew teary and told me "I'm happy to hear that you two are getting married. Actually, I was worried that you were only playing around, dragging my girl (Emily) along."
Chan: After she started dating with you, she stopped working. Did you asked her to do that, or did she made that decision herself?

Hacken: I analyzed this with her. Back then, she had the chance as TVB wanted to sign a contract with her. And I said "You can decide to do it or not. I do not want to affect your decision and neither do I know how long will we be together or how our relationship will develop." I could only analyse the pros and cons for her and let her think for herself. Honestly, I was thinking more along the sides of her not taking up the job.

Felt disappointed after his drop out from the 4th Annual New Talent Singing Competition

Chan: After you and Emily marry, will you want children soon?
Hacken: Yes.

Chan: Is this the reason for getting married?

Hacken: Yes. We hope to have 2 children. The best would be giving birth to twins during the first pregnancy: 1 boy and 1 girl. But in life, things don't go according to how we want them to. I'm 38, it's an appropriate time. There'll be an age gap if the father and son's age are too far apart.
Chan: You entered the industry through a singing competition?

Hacken: I hoped to release an album. I joined the competition which was running it's 4th year, the year which Alex Toh won it. I was only 18, and after my exams I received champion in my school's competition before and I felt that I could sing very well. During my first interview at Wah Sing (for the 4th Annual New Talent Singing Competition), there were judges like Leslie Cheung. I sang Alan Tam's song and was worried whether I would be eliminated. After that, I got into the Top 30. I had high hopes and who knew that I couldn't make it to the top 15. It felt like being drenched with cold water. I was very unhappy. I felt that there was something undisclosed about the competition, and also felt that they judged the contestants according to looks. It was the saddest tragedy ever encountered by an 18 year old; it was like tarnishing his dreams of becoming a singer.
Half a year later, a friend whom I got to know through the competition, Vivian Chow, called me through the phone and asked me to join the "19 Territories Singing Competition". The champion for the first year was Jacky Cheung. That time, I was doing my Foundation Studies (not very sure if this meant Foudnation Studies though..but I think it's a course to prepare you for overseas studies). My family had plans to send me overseas to study and had already chosen the school. I joined the competition as a player. From the competitions held in the smaller territories, I went on stage to the finals. I remember the hosts were Lin Jia Hua and Mei Yun. In the end, I became the champion and had the chance to release an album.
When I returned home, I told my father and mother. Fortunately, they were both very open-minded. They let me make my choice and I decided to try it out for 2 years. I wasn't very successful in the first 2 years. I released an EP and album which only sold a few thousand copies. When I was feeling disappointed and looking through the information for further education and was thinking of going abroad, TVB invited me to film Teenagers No More. When the series was broadcast, my album sold well. That's why I always thank TVB, as it was this show that allowed the public to know this tanned and long-necked guy called Hacken Lee. The theme song of the show made me reach my first Platinum album, called Summer's Myth. This gave me a ticket to continue staying and work in Hong Kong.

Chan: Sidetracking for awhile. You got to know Vivian Chow during the competition?

Hacken: Yes. She was fatter back then, not like how she looks now...(can't find the word to describe her)
Chan: Pretty?Hacken: Both she and I did not reach Top 15. She sang Bo Yuan Fang's Zhui Ai and had a big butterfly ribbon on her head. A little plump girl, quite cute, but she wasn't as fat as Myolie Wu. There were many other friends too whom I got to know through the competition too.

Chan: Have you ever thought of wooing Vivian Chow?
Hacken: She always wanted to sleep and I did not think that she'd become so pretty after a few years. We both attended a DJ training course and were one of the champions.
Chan: Your career sailed at great heights during that time. Was it because of this that people thought you were haughty?

Hacken: If I thought that way, it wouldn't have been like this. Till when my friends told me, and they were friends with a certain status, like Joey Leung. He said "You are quite pro." It was around the time when I was filming A Life Of His Own. (Chan added: year 1990.) Firstly, I was young. Secondly, I felt that I was great. I was able to meet girls as I was a singer. I liked to drink back then and had a group of friends: Ekin, Li Jia Sheng and so on. We called ourselves Brothers and Sisters. Once, at a karaoke room, Anita Mui and I were a little drunk and she told me "Hey 'handsome' lad, do you know that you're haughty?" I wasn't very familiar with her back then, and yet she felt that I was arrogant too. It was as if lightning had struck me. A senior had such sentiments too. It was the first time that I felt that there's something wrong with me. After discussing for a long time, I became good friends with her since that night. After that, I tried to change. It took a long time for me to change people's impression of me. To make people feel that you're haughty, all you might have to do is to make one comment. However, to erase these comments and impression you've made, you need 10 years.

Like when fans asked for my signature, I used to just sign and walk off. But then I was worried that by acting like this, people would think that I'm proud. Now, I would have small conversations with them. At the beginning, I wasn't very used to it. My character wasn't like this in the first place. I'm not full of smiles and happy all the time. It was very hard at first. Slowly, I carried on and this made people feel happy. And I grew happy myself. Soon, my character changed too.
Felt embarrassed seeing empty seats

Chan: At which point of your career did the low tide set in?
Hacken: It has got to be the 1995 concert. It could possibly be one of the worst ticket sales ever in Hong Kong's concert history. I had my first concert in 1993, the sales were great. We had to increase the number. Two years later, it failed. In 1993 I had 8 concerts and having 10 concerts on the second time shoudn't be a problem. Who knew that something happened. There were various reasons.
There was a "moustache pattern" - the seats were only around 50% full, standing up on stage and looking at the empty seats, my tears were dropping in my stomach. Every night, I dare not ask how the ticket sales were. I just hoped that not too many of my relatives were there to watch, as it was very embarrassing.
I remembered one night when Alan Tam was the guest and I was singing Not Changing For A Lifetime. He suddenly appeared on the staircase of the stage, and said "Failure in one concert doesn't mean failure forever. In the future, what you must do is to tell those who didn't attend your concert that they've missed the treasure." This left a deep impression on me. I did not hold concerts for the next 7 years as I was very afraid. Till 2002 when I held a concert, and during the last day I asked about the ticket sales - even tickets for the single seats were sold out. I could not describe how elated I felt. The next year I held a concert with Alan Tam, I hugged him and cried. I rarely cry, I'm afraid of myself crying. That feeling wasn't just thanking him, it was gratitude from my heart.
Chan: Have you ever experienced bad album sales?
Hacken: Of course, I have even experienced not being able to release an album. The first time when I changed companies, I had unhappy experiences as I did not know how to deal with the contract. During the second time when I changed company, I signed an 'invincible' contract which has the thickness of a phonebook. I engaged the help of the most expensive lawyer in Hong Kong, and listed out things like food to eat when working overseas, the promotional fee for each album would be 2 hundred million and so on. I did not want to be cheated.

My album wasn't selling very well, so where would there be money for promotion? The only solution was not to release an album. I had no idea. This went on for a period of time, till the 1998 World Cup where I sang Get Up, Get Up, Get Up (Adventures of A Soccer Fan, first line of the song is Get Up, Get Up, Get Up...). The response wasn't bad and I released an album with new songs and classics. As my contract just ended, a senior executive wanted me to stay for 3 months and do free promotion. I asked him "Can you work for your company for 3 months and not take any salary?" And we did not speak to each other after that, even till now.

Actually, I quite enjoy hosting at TVB. Many people asked me, as a recognized singer with strength, how do I feel when I see new singers coming in to sing and I used a fire extinguisher to spray at them while hosting JSG? (either it means him literally using the extinguisher or they compare hacken to a fire extinguisher...) They asked if I felt unhappy. I don't think so. Hong Kong people are very good at adapting. Even when the horse died on them, it's still possible. If albums cannot do well, I can turn towards other avenues and shine. I don't think that being a host for the World Cup is a shame.
Chan: When I first approached you to host Minutes To Fame in 2005, you rejected at first. I asked, "Is it because you did not get best male singer award? (andy lau got it in 2005)" and you said, "Of course not. If someone else is to receive the award then probably, but if it's Andy then things are different." Why? Are you and him able to disregard any competition?
Hacken: Andy did one thing and I can tell it to everyone. The first time when I received the best male singer award was in 2002. That year, my popularity was quite good. Andy always enjoyed receiving awards, everyone knows this. And he knows that if I don't receive Best Male Singer award for that year, I might not have a chance in the future. He really hoped that I would get the award and let down his promotons near the end of the year. The deepest impression I had was during the day of the award ceremony, when we had to face the media for photoshoots with our awards. Both of us got an award - Andy received Asia's Most Popular Male Singer award and I received Best Male Singer Award. I thought, he is one of my competitors and yet he even pulled for me, the friendship was strong. Later on, he told me that the photo that was taken (in 2002) in the hotel during the celebration became the wallpaper on his computer. I was very touched.
Captions on the side:Chan asked if Hacken had already taken wedding pictures in England and Hacken refused to answer. Only later do we know that they've taken photos at the Manchester United homegrounds. Chan did not receive the wrong information.

Chan suggests to have TVB host his wedding, Hacken said "Couples who had their weddings broadcast by TVB in the past did not have very good endings. Thanks anyway."

Source: Be My Guest book by Stephan Chan
translated by Hianez, edited by Kate
interview taken from Hacken Lee ID