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Monday, April 30, 2007

Kenix left a message at her blog
April 28, 2007

"First of all, thanks everyone for supporting me and Redtask. it seems like many people enjoy this series so i am very happy. i remember when i first got the script, i read it thoroughly and the character Thu Nghi totally attracted me. in recent times, i've been thinking of the filming period, the beautiful qipao, the make-up artists and hairstylists. everyone was treating me very nicely and taking good care of me. during that time, my Mandarin really improved. however, being back to HK for quite a while now with everyone around me speaking Cantonese, my Mandarin is not as fluent as before."

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please pardon my rough translation if it is not as accurate to the original Chinese message.

additional info: KF's vacation in Japan with Raymond & his girlfriend. i think she is John Chiang's daughter.

Idy Chan followed by paparazzi

Idy Chan dating a young guy

Idy Chan, who had collaborated with Andy Lau in the popular TV series ROCH, made the media suspect her sex orientation because of her close relationship with a tomboy film director Maisy Choi, after the divorce of 8-year marriage with her ex-hubby Peter Chan. Recently some reporter snapped photos of the 47-year old Idy Chan dated a 30-year old young man in Hong Kong, enjoying teatime together. She seemed very happy throughout the conversation with her hands swinging into the air whereas the young guy looked a little bit shy. Interestingly, the man resembled to Maisy Choi in some ways � both had short hair, wore thick black frame glasses and in black suit.

According to HK media, Idy Chan famed in bringing out the character of SLL in TV series ROCH 83'- an angelic girl as described in Jin Yong's fiction. And her love affairs in reality were just as low-key and mysterious. She ended her 8-year wedlock with an American businessman Peter Chan in 1992 and was found to be co-living with a tomboy film director Maisy Choi for 11 years. With much understanding between each other, they separated finally and it was no secret in the entertainment field.

In a bob hairstyle, wore rather casual and without makeup, Idy Chan who'd disappeared for a long time from the public, showed up in a RTHK activity on Apr 18. She met up a young guy after the function and droved away together, heading for teatime and shopping. She talked and laughed merrily during the dating as if she could not close her lips. On the contrary the young man seemed a little bit shy & quiet. It seemed he was in a hurry that he left earlier, leaving her there with a blank look.

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source: chinanews and Sina

lol, at least one good thing comes out of this piece of news: the paparazzi is still interested in following Idy around, even when she's no longer in the limelight. that's my lady! ^__^

ATV hopes to recruit TVB artists

Friday, April 27, 2007

ATV is willing to pay high prices in order to recruit TVB's popular faces to join their company. apparently, here is the list of salary offered to each artist if they join ATV.

Kenix Kwok & Frankie Lam: 1.5 million HK dollars
Charmaine Sheh: 1.5 million
Sheren Tang: 1.5 million
Bobby Au Yeung: 1.2 million
Ada Choi: 1.2 million
Gigi Lai: 1 million
Jessica Hsuan: 900,000.00
Moses Chan: 800,000.00
Joe Ma: 600,000.00

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lol, this is a piece of interesting news to begin the day. i'm wondering something: 1.5 million is for both Frankie & Kenix or each of them? i assume it's for each of them, since with the success of Ten Brothers, the couple can't be that cheap to buy. before the success of Ten Brothers, Kenix's salary for mainland series Redtask was almost 2 million Yuan (equivalent to almost 2 million HK$). she was the highest paid artist of the series, even higher than Chilam. the Jessica part also takes me by surprise. it's amazing that she's under the million range, below Ada, Sheren & Gigi. this really makes me suspect this piece of information. oh well, at least it's fun to read ^__^

Kenix's latest movie Fearless

Monday, April 23, 2007

after disappearing for about a year, Kenix returned to the screen & joined Roger Kwok in a Christian movie, Fearless. For those fans who are interested, Fearless is now available for sale at Yesasia in DVD/VCD formats. my opinions and reviews below contain SPOILERS, so don't read if you don't want to.
the movie's plot is only mediocre, a type of movie that i don't think i'll watch a 2nd time, or 3rd time even though it has my beloved Kenix. despites the dull religious theme, the movie has some interesting aspects to look at. Kenix plays a very refreshing role as the wife of a homosexual husband. she has no other purpose in life besides taking care of and supporting her dearest husband.
however, her ordinary life takes a 180 degree turn when she one night witnesses his infidelity not with another woman, but a man. her husband is arm in arm, dancing with another homosexual, and lost in their own world. when he finally looks up & sees the shock on his wife's face, he feels so shameful that he doesn't dare to look at her in the eyes. both Kenix & Roger of course deliver excellent performances in this scene. i really cried along with Kenix when she not only discovers that her husband's cheating, he's also a homosexual (or should i say, bi-sexual). she runs away and vows that she will abort their child she's carrying.
however, as the movie's theme centers around religious hope and life optimism, Kenix of course will still keep her child, and bring faith back into her life by providing happiness to other people. she starts doing charity work and helping the needy. her life is simple again, but this time, more meaningful.
Roger looks very handsome in this movie. Kenix looks very pretty as always, but too skinny. i wish she can gain more weight. she looks certainly better now as Fearless was filmed roughly half a year ago. the overall plot gets 1 star out of 5, but for Kenix's fans, she's worth both the time and money ^___^

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Frankie & Kenix Joining ATV?

Saturday, April 21, 2007
[The Sun 16/04/07]
Kenix & Frankie Could be Joining the Opposition

With two of TVB's former high ranking executives Mr Ho Ding Kwan and Mr Louis Page joining the ATV board of late and reports that i-Cable will also be making their own drama productions, Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam were spotted earlier in discussions at a hotel Coffee Shop with executives from i-Cable.
Suggestions indicate that after their success as an on-screen couple in "Ten Brothers", i-Cable are interested in inviting Frankie and Kenix to film a series together again for them. As ATV and i-Cable do not offer long restrictive contracts like TVB, they have become a very attractive proposition for many artistes. Asked about the invitation to film for i-Cable, Kenix and Frankie indicate that they are very sincere, but they have not decided yet, so they were able to discuss their position.
TVB Board Director Mrs Li attended a separate event and asked about Mr Ho joining ATV, she says: "It is a very normal thing. He resigned last year." As for whether she is worried about him taking staff away, she did not respond, but she added later that he had retired and not resigned.

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there have been rumors recently that TVB artists such as Ada, Jessica, & even the former TVB actor Gallen Lo are joining ATV. however, all of them have denied such speculations. i'm not sure if this is the same case for Frankie & Kenix, but i really hope they'll refuse ATV's offer. ATV seems to be doing pretty bad financially, & their series usually have very low ratings. Kenix really should learn Frankie's lessons 10 years ago so she will not make the same mistakes.

Idy Chan at a Press Conference

Idy Chan Still Interested in Acting
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Idy Chan Yuk Lin has not made an appearance at a public event for a long time. Yesterday, Idy, Law Lam and advertising executives Chung Wai Ming and Lee Gor attended a promotion, 《一人一個香港故事》to share past humorous incidents at the radio station.
Idy laughed that she does not have a busy lifestyle currently. After filming "Return of the Condor Heroes, she left the entertainment industry. Since learning about Taoism from her teacher, her life has taken a major turning point. She leads a much happier life than before. Idy's character, Siu Lung Nui, in "Return of the Condor Heroes" has been played by numerous actresses in remake versions. But Idy did not watch the remake versions and has only been following dramas, "Prince of Legend."
"It has been a long time since I have watched such an engrossing ancient drama! It even stimulated my interest in filming ancient dramas again!"
Although Idy retains an interest in acting despite retiring for 10 years, she is afraid of the strenous schedule required in filming ancient dramas.
Since entering the entertainment industry, Idy has been addressed as Lian Mui (Sister Lian). Although she is not accustomed to the nickname, she does not mind being addressed in such a manner.
another piece of news translated by Kit from Idy English Forum, source: takungpao, wenweipo & apple daily.

In many people's eye, Idy Chan in ROCH 83 version was the most representative gugu SLL.
Haven't showed up in public for a long time, Idy Chan appeared at the "one person one HK story" press conference in Causeway Bay yesterday. Without any make up, Idy's face got a natural red shade and seemed in good spirit. She still kept quite good. When asked what's her secret? She said it was possibly something to do with her happy mood since she had been learning conionfucianist & tao theory for some time.
The ROCH 83, which she collaborated with Andy Lau, was one of Idy's classic dramas and there were so many versions of SLL after it. Asked if she had watched them, she said no but she was attracted to"jumong" and "gods of honor". She thought they were the fewawesome series recently. She praised both of them were very good and they made her want to film again. So did she really want to return filming? She said nobody contacted her and she didn't refuse filming but it was just she didn't meet any good and ineresting story. She disclosed that she had met TVB producer Poon Ka Tak in Vancouver some time ago and he asked Idy if she had interested to return to TVB for filming. She told him to discuss about it when they were back to HK and if the terms were okay then she wouldn't mind acting again but it wouldn't be any ancient series. It's really hard for her.
Although Lin Mui had not been acting for more than ten years, her popularity was still there, esp. in the Guangdong province (China) becozher dramas were still aired in some TV channels, included ROCH 83'. Many people recongized her when she went to China. She thanked the mainland TV for the free promotion and also to her classic role in ROCH 83'. "However, they didn't invite me for filming but even they did, they couln't reach me hehe," Idy said. Since working in the showbiz, she was always called as Lin Mui. It made her felt warm and as if she didn't ever leave the showbiz. But she did feel embarrassed when she called up some friend and addressed herself as Lin Mui.
the piece of news really made my day! it's been too long since we last heard of the lovely Idy Chan. it's very nice to know that she is now enjoying her life. even though series nowadays are crappy, it'd be great to see the talented Idy back onscreen again... ^__^