Kenix is Hoping for Twins

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Yesterday Kenix Kwok attended Christie Wo's (founder of Charmonde Luxury Limited) promotion activities. Reporter asked her if she would wear lovers matching watch with husband Frankie Lam. Kenix said she had done in the past, but not always the matching watch. She expressed that although they have been married for only four years, she feels they are an old couple. But they still have love of fire towards each other. She disclosed " My hubby and I are still feeling fresh. We have been going out for a long time, therefore it seemed we have been married for a long time. "Reporter asked if she wanted to be a mother yet and if she would like some secret formula to have a baby. Kenix said she is not particularly keen on children. Therefore, she is not in a hurry. If she was to have baby, she prefers twins. Reporter asked if she has seeked fortune teller advice. She said she was told she would only have one baby, but she wanted to have two.
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News taken from Asian Fanatics