Frankie Lam wants Kenix Kwok to retire from the industry after giving birth

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kenix Kwok who is 5 months pregnant accepted a radio interview earlier accompanied by Frankie Lam. There were rumours that claimed she is retiring from the entertainment industry after giving birth. Frankie said "It's my wish. But as a couple we respect each other. I will respect her decision". Kenix stated that it was too early to say. Frankie also exposed that every night he would touch Kenix's tummy and speak to their Baby. He laughed and said "It is quite silly doing that."
Lol, I think Kenix seems to be too ambitious to retire right now.
I'm currently watching Born Rich both in Chinese and with English subtitles. However, I'll wait until I'm done with the series in Vietnamese then I'll do a review. I'm enjoying the series although I don't think it is living up to expectations as an anniversary series. Kenix is having a very refreshing role playing a psychotic, obsessive woman who is crossing all boundaries to make her world of fantasies happen in real life. I also enjoy watching the veterans very much. Ray, Jamie, Gallen, Anita, Joe, Nancy, etc... That's what I call true acting.