Kenix Kwok Enjoys Her Leisurely Lifestyle

Thursday, October 18, 2007

18 October 2007
Emma Lam

Kenix Kwok was a guest at the Sisters Pictorial Beauty Pro awards 2007 on 15 October 2007. Other guests included Tracy Ip and Niki Chow.

Tracy received the award for the female artiste with the most perfect skin and she wore a low cut dress and about HK$600,000 worth of diamonds to receive her award. Asked how she keeps her skin looking so good, Tracy replied that she will drink a glass of warm water every morning and watch her diet. She will be taking on a spokesmodel job for a health food brand shortly, which she tried out for herself. She found that it reduced the size of her pores, so she is recommending it to her friends. Niki was one of the judges for the event and she said that she has been busy putting on weight recently, but has not been very successful and has had to resort to waking up at night to eat cup noodles.

Kenix was asked about the problems that she and husband Frankie Lam were having with their builders. She said that they have already issued a solicitor's letter to the company. She pointed out that they had wanted to handle the situation peacefully, but it was not possible in the end and their lawyer had pointed out that there had been too many mistakes. However, she added that they were not bad people and she was simply looking for fair treatment after paying for an incomplete job.

Asked if she felt that the builders were being difficult because they were celebrities, Kenix said she did not think this was the case and it was just down to their inability to complete the work. She complained about the inconvenience of living in a hotel: "We were not desperate to move out of the old house, but we never thought the work would take this long." She refuted rumours that they had to sell up to raise money for the new house, saying that the reason they did not rent out their old house was because they got a good price and did not want the hassle of dealing with tenants.

Asked about her work, Kenix said that she has a few scripts that she is reading, but has not accepted yet because she is still resting. She is enjoying the leisurely lifestyle, so she is in no rush and can wait for the right script to come along. She said that TVB have not sent her any scripts and she has not confirmed anything with ATV yet.

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Frankie & Kenix sought legal action against interior design company

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Frankie Lam Shocks Linda Chung With A Kiss

16 October 2007
Emma Lam

Frankie Lam and Linda Chung were filming in a Tsimshatsui wedding studio for TVB series Forensic Heroes 2 today in a scene where they were trying on their wedding outfits. The scene told of how they suddenly feel very loving towards each other and share a kiss, but when Frankie kissed Linda, she looked a little shocked.

Frankie revealed that the storyline is quite tragic and even his wife Kenix Kwok was quite overwhelmed when she read his script. He said that this is the series in which he has to cry the most - even on the first day of filming, he had to cry for four hours with just an inanimate object as his co-star. However, he is not worried about becoming unable to detach himself from the character afterwards. Frankie and Linda have worked before on the first Forensic Heroes series and he still finds her to be quite an innocent young lady, just with a little more colour added now.

Having recently bought new home, Frankie is threatening legal action against his interior design company because they have missed the deadline for completion of the work on his house. He said that a lot of the original designs have changed and there is a third of the work that is not complete, but the firm seem to be pushing the responsibility back onto Kenix. He said that he plans to use another company to complete the work and in the meantime, he and Kenix have no choice but to stay in a hotel.

Linda responded her description of being innocent with a little colour, saying that she agreed with Frankie. She indicated that she lacked self-confidence in the past and when she filmed the first series, her acting was quite poor and she was not brave enough to chat to Frankie. It was only after she built up the courage to let herself go that she became more assertive and expressed her opinions if things were not right. As for why she looked shocked during this scene, Linda said that the script changed at the last minute and the kiss was originally planned to be on the face and not on the lips, but the director wanted it to be more intimate. She said that for a husband and wife to kiss each other on the lips is a natural thing, but she was too busy trying on the dress to check the script.

Sunny Chan's philosophies about why he likes acting

Saturday, October 13, 2007
Sunny Chan Kam Hung advocates going green and philosophises about why he likes acting.
"Hello, good morning!” chirped Sunny Chan Kam Hung as he strolled in for a recent interview in Kuala Lumpur. Dressed in a red shirt and white pants, the Hong Kong actor was in a very good mood. He had recently become the proud father of a healthy baby boy born on May 2. And lately, he’s been a stay-at-home dad like Kot Kok-kong in Just Love (Lou Poh Dai Yan).“
After Yuin Loi Zhi Yau Gei (The Green Grass of Home) in late April till now, I've been on a break from filming. My wife was about to give birth so, I took three months off to be with her and help care for my baby boy,” revealed the actor who was in town to promote TVB titles to be shown on NTV7. Happily married to Ada To, Chan refused kissing scenes with his co-stars, Christine Ng Wing Mei and Suki Chui Suk Man, during the filming of The Green Grass of Home to avoid upsetting his then-pregnant wife.
Following this, Chan will begin filming Dai Dong Gua (Big White Gourd) produced by Poon Ka Tak who did Sui Yuet Fung Wan (Driveof Life)and Sap Hing Dai (Ten Brothers). “Big White Gourd is like a prequel to Ten Brothers. It’s a fairytale, about how good begets good.” He has been cast as a farmer who unearths a big white gourd with a magical copper gong inside.“Just strike the gong and your wishes will be granted. It’s actually the Chinese version of Aladdin’s lamp,” he continued with a laugh.
Environmentally-conscious at heart and in practice, Chan portrayed the eco-friendly Choi Ka-sing in The Green Grass of Home, which revolved around environmental concerns and organic foods. The series, which reflected healthy lifestyles, achieved high ratings and was well received as it dealt with current issues close to people’s hearts.
In real life, the actor is probably even more dedicated to reducing his carbon footprint. The 1.77m-tall actor revealed that the character was modelled after him. “It’s a lifestyle, an attitude. He tries not to be wasteful. What this means is when a person does something, he expends effort. So, being wasteful means you’ve squandered another’s efforts. Similarly, wasting the earth’s resources means squandering the earth’s efforts.” The youthful-looking 40-year-old also tries his best to conserve energy and reduce chemical usage. “In Hong Kong, if I can reach somewhere in 30 minutes on foot, then I won’t drive. That’s why people always say that I walk. I treat it as exercise. It’s good for health. Also, I rarely go shopping. Because what I have is adequate. So, I’ve no need to shop. Except for work, when there is a need to purchase new garments or cosmetics. The most is I’ll go marketing. I buy fresh produce every day and cook my meals at home,’ laughed the new father. “I also try to avoid the use of chemicals; they’re bad for health. Even for washing, I try to use less detergent. I try not to rely on the air-conditioning either. If it’s hot day, I’ll take a cool shower.”
Love for acting
Chan graduated from The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts in 1990. Since then, he has filmed close to 40 TVB serials and over 20 movies. Although Chan has played a great variety of roles, he still maintains a healthy interest in acting.
“Acting is an occupation that makes me like myself more. Through acting, I improve myself, and change for the better. Before, the process involved modifying my technique and developing my skill. Now through acting, I improve myself as a human being.
“For The Green Grass of Home, I took some parts of myself and put them into Choi Ka-sing, with the hope of making a positive impact on the audience. Hence, I began to like myself more because of these good points, which others reacted positively to.”
Chan is mostly cast in good guy roles, in his own words “nine out of ten”, not that he’s complaining. But, there is a role he’d really look forward to? “I’d like to portray a military man. A soldier who would sacrifice anything for his country ... even his family. How heroic! Only in movies will I get to experience this, never in real life.”
The actor also tried his hand at running a business. Although it was profitable, he was not happy.“Three years ago, I opened a restaurant. But now, I’m no longer interested in such things. I want to focus on my family. To be an actor, to care for my family and run a business ... it’s not possible to do them all well at the same time.” So, why did he make that choice? He could have forgone acting and chosen the business instead.
“It wasn’t enjoyable. Doing business is no fun. It’s very boring. Many things happen every day, but they’re repetitive, unlike acting, where every day is different. As an actor, I have a status. I am an artiste. I am an artisan/craftsman. I can influence society. I can move the community to advance. But, doing business is different. It slowly distorted my perception of others. I began to measure others’ worth with money. The more they spent at my restaurant, the better I’d treat them. And, I didn’t bother with those who didn’t give me business. I began to dislike myself because of this. After a year, I wanted to stop. But I couldn’t since I promised my business partners, so I had to continue.”
At first, he thought if the business became profitable, he would open branch after branch, next in Shanghai, then in Beijing.“After one year, I didn’t think like that any more. I had to make sure there was profit, split the gains among shareholders, and ensure they didn’t make a loss.“When my wife became pregnant and I was to become a father, I felt it was time to tell them I wanted out. Finally, they all agreed to stop and we sold the business for more profit. So, if you ask me now whether I’d want to run a business, I’d say no. I want to continue being an actor.”

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