TVB Top Ten Highest Rated Serials

Friday, December 28, 2007
TVB 2007 Top 10 Series (Based on average rating)

1) The Family Link - Average 32.4
2) Fathers and Sons - Average 32.3
3) Heart of Greed - Average 32
4) Ten Brothers - Average 31.3
5) On the First Beat - Average 31.2
6) The Green Grass of Home - Average 30.8
7) Steps - Average 30.4
8) The Drive of Life - Average 30.3
9) War and Destiny - Average 29.7
10) Men Don't Cry - Average 29.4

TVB 2007 Lowest 3 Series (Based on average rating)
1) Life Art - Average 26.6
2) Best Bet - Average 27.2
3) The Conquest - Average 27.3

Source: Ming Pao Daily
Credits: asianfanatics

Congrats to Kenix, Frankie, & Sunny for making it to the top ten list! From the list, I have only finished watching Ten Brothers & the Green Grass of Home. I started on Heart of Greed and War & Destiny but did not have time to finish. I watched WAD solely because of Sunny but i really dislike his mustache. Despites of the fact that Sunny is the lead, Ron Ng has way much more screen time so I gave up on the series. I like Ron as a new actor, but him appearing more often than Sunny, no way! I was attracted to the star-studded cast so I gave the Drive of Life a chance but it's so boring even at the first episode. Michael Miu was really charming and funny; Jessica had a different role instead of her usual strong character; Damian gave a strong performance as always. However, that's not enough to save the whole boring & draggy plot. I watched here and there and then totally gave up on the series.

I know everybody has been saying this for countless times, but I still want to say it again: TVB is going downhill. As of right now, I only look forward to Catch Me Now and Forensic Heroes II for the sake of Idy Chan and Frankie Lam.

Randomness on My Favorite Artists

Friday, December 14, 2007

Kenix's recent appearance on Dec. 8. There is no news apparently. She just keeps appearing here & there but won't mention anything about coming back. *sign...* Her outfit is nice & she looks pretty overall. However, I still don't like outfits that have animal prints. I don't know if it's just me, but she doesn't look as horribly skinny as before, which is a good thing. Hope to see her back soon!
I was watching random videos on youtube last night and came across this picture. It was from Secrets of the Heart's Special. In the show, I guessed [for I had no clue what they were saying] Nick Cheung & Gallen Lo were going around interviewing fans and celebrities for their opinions about the series, and Kenix happened to be one of them. She was filming Till When Do Us Part with Lawrence Ng. What a pleasant surprise!!! I really love this picture because Kenix & Nick had only two pictures taken together and both have Ada Choi on them. I really like Nick as an actor and wish that Kenix can collaborate with him. I totally love his villainous role in SOH, especially the very last dying scene of his. Gosh, he was so wicked, even in death. I bought the series because of him being the villain and Sunny Chan, but I ended up loving only Nick's character instead. I wonder what Kenix said that gave him such a smile *___^.

Catch Me Now is my beloved Idy's first comeback to the small screen after 14 years. Besides Damian Lau, I'm quite disappointed with the casting but whatever. As long as I can see my Idy onscreen again, it's worth it. Joe Ma is a wonderful actor but too bad his villainous roles were too convincing that his "bad" image already sank into my mind. I just can't accept him as the good guy. Fala Chan, hm..., before I even know who she is, she already won Best Supporting Actress Award at 2007 TVB anniversary. TVB is going to get worse before it can get better.
Anyway, I really hope that this series will achieve satisfactory ratings to boost Idy's popularity. Many veterans had come back to the small screen recently and most of them were successful, namely Michelle Mei Suet in the Brink of Law, Lee Si Kei in Heart of Greed, and Michael Miu in the Academy. Hopefully luck will smile at Idy with open arms!

Mr. Leung Chiu Wai won another Golden Horse - Best Actor for his superb acting ability. I might be wrong but it looks like he did not attend the award ceremony since I couldn't find any picture of him. I guess he has won so many Best Actor awards that he gets tired of coming to the ceremony ^__^. I don't think I'll watch this movie because of "the scene." I get really uncomfortable watching my favorite artists performing such acts, so I rather avoid them. It was bad enough for me to watch him in a love scene with Leslie Cheung from Happy Together. By the way, both actors were amazing in this movie. No wonder Tony had won a Best Actor award for this role.

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HK Artists Featured on Poker Cards

Saturday, December 8, 2007

ent.163 opened a poll for the audience to choose TVB/HK artists that they would support, and the top 54 artists with the highest votes were selected to appear in a deck of Poker Cards.

I totally love this idea. The illustrations of the artists are very pretty and unique in a cute way. I'm so glad most of my favorite actors & actresses made it to the list, including those who have been neglected/underpromoted by TVB for quite a number of years, such as Sunny Chan, Deric Wan, Frankie Lam, etc...

If Idy Chan was featured, it would be 100% perfect for me. I wonder if she was nominated on the list. Seeing all the four Tigers making it to the set, I'm sadden by the fact that Kent is never as popular. Regarding the Heavenly Kings, it's curious that Leon Lai made it to the list while Aaron Kwok didn't. I always thought they are about equal in popularity and talent.

Despites the drawbacks, I'm quite happy that Kenix made it to the 10th position, leading most other female fadans except for Esther Kwan. Congratulations to all the winners! I'm looking forward to buying this deck of cards ^__^

Ranking based on votes:
1. Liza Wang
2. Angie Chiu
3. Adam Cheng
4. Andy Lau
5. Hon Kuan Ting
6. Chow Yun Fatt
7. Esther Kuan
8. Chilam Cheung
9. Leon Lai
10. Kenix Kwok
11. Damien Lau
12. Roger Kwok
13. Nnadia Chan
14. Kwong Wah
15. Steven Ma
16. Frankie Lam
17. Deric Wan
18. Maggie Cheung
19. Maggie Siu
20. Bosco Wong
21. Eddie Cheung
22. Louis Koo
23. Tony Leung
24. Bobby Au Yeung
25. Stephen Chow
26. Barbara Yung
27. Jessica Hsuan
28. Kathy Chow
29. Maggie Cheung
30. Charmaine Sheh
31. Ho Bou Sang
32. Ada Choi
33. Gigi Lai
34. Sheren Tang
35. Michael Tse