The Grand Entrepreneurs Costumes Fitting

Monday, November 24, 2008
Clip at Youtube.
Clip at Baidu
Finally a picture of Kenix and Ray together. Yay! That's all I'm looking forward to at the costumes fitting ^___^

Okay, Kenix must be wearing a wig throughout the series then. She's back to the curvy hairstyle again that I'm not too fond of. She looks much younger & more beautiful with straight hair. However, I should be glad that she doesn't have the same short hairstyle that she has in the sales presentation clip. I kind of like her outfit, so shiny lol... She looks very pretty for a TVB comeback. Ray looks much younger in these pictures than he did in the clip, which is a great thing. He and Kenix look so compatible. I cannot wait for their "steamy" scenes as Kenix has mentioned to the reporters (Batgwa).

Did the lighting strike me or that's Gallen with the beard on the chin? Is he out of his mind? With such an image, I'm so glad Kenix is not paired up with him. I'm speechless.

Jamie looks very pretty and fashionable. She doesn't look like a housewife at all. Kenneth with the mustache, I have no comment. It's a shame Bernice cannot take part in the series. I was looking forward for the second collaboration of Kenix and Bernice after their cute scenes in Love Bond. So Krystal Tin isn't part of the cast?



sakura said...

everyone seems to have to a good image for their roles, but Gallen needs to loose that goatee, or maybe that requires for his character hehe!
i'm really looking forward to see this series.

andy said...

me too. have not seen jamie, ray (and kenix as well) for a long time. have a great holiday guys.

Michelle said...

me too. i have not seen you two for a looong time lol


thanks for stopping by! Happy Holidays!

mtd said...

I like Kenix's image in this series! I'm glad she's going for the long hair instead of the short hair. I also prefer straight hair, but if she's going for the curvy style, she should have it like the one in the RDOV presentation clip in 2004. She looked really classy and sexy.

I thought Kenix, Ray Lui and Jamie Chik looked better at the costume fitting than in the presentation clip. I was skeptical of the pairing of Ray and Kenix, but after seeing the costume fitting, I think they look good together. Ray actually looks younger than Gallen! But maybe it's Gallen's bad goatee...

I seriously cannot wait for the more info on the storyline!

mtd said...

Also below is the link to the TVB8 report on the costume fitting. This is one is better than the Scoop one - they actually show Kenix talking!!

Side note - Gallen says he grew up in Malaysia, and when he finds out about Ray's rich background, he will try to get close to him, and steal everything from him (money, power and status). So not sure if they will be playing brothers...

Michelle said...

thanks mtd for the info. When are they gonna start filming? i thought they said late November? i cant wait anymore... ^___^