Born Rich - Kenix as Tung Ling Chi

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kenix - Tung Ling Chi, age 34

With the early passing of her mother, Ling Chi's father (Lau Siu Ming) puts all his love on his precious daughter. Ling Chi graduated from law school at the age of 23 and began her internship at a law office. During this time, she met and fell in love Cheuk Yat-yuen (Ray Lui) who is betrothed Ho Tseuk-nin (Jamie Chik). Ling Chi always thought that Yat Yuen would leave Tseuk Nin to be with her but he chose to marry his fiance at the end. Devastated, Ling Chi went to England to forget the past.

Ling Chi comes back to HK a few years later but she still cannot forget Yat Yuen. Unable to fool herself and others, she cancels the wedding plan with her fiance and reunites with Yat Yuen. Tseuk Nin discovers the affair which eventually leads to their divorce. Ling Chi offically enters the Cheuk wealthy family as Ms. Cheuk. Ling Chi's happiness turns sour when she attempts to uncover the truth behind her father's death but Sha Fu-loi (Gallen Lo) will do what it takes to silence her...

Ok, so Tung Ling Chi will die. If she’s harmed by the main villain Gallen, I do not think she will survive. Plus, there was a piece of news that happened when the filming just started saying that the characters of Ray and Jamie will reunite, so I’m pretty certain Ling Chi will not have a happy ending. Oh well…

By looking at the pictures, I could guess that Savio Tsang must play a part in the Tung family and after reading this synopsis, I bet he is Ling Chi’s fiancé. The scene that they shake hands above must be one of the early scenes when Ling Chi just comes back to HK. I cannot wait to watch their sparkles!

I translated this from a Vietnamese translation so I'm not sure how accurate this is. I find it unbelievable that Ling Chi can graduate from law school by the age of 23. Perhaps she graduated with a B.A. and then went to law school and perhaps had her summer internships.

Thanks to Miki @ DAN for the translation.



asdf said...

I dont know should I watch this series or not if I know that Kenix's character will die at the end. I also read this news in a tabloid magazine saying her character will be killed by Gallen Lo. Then what is up with the nice wedding on the ship? I dont want this kind of ending for Kenix. This might be one of the last few series that Kenix will make in a long time and it will be sad to see such an ending for her.

mtd said...

I think HK being a conservative country, and TVB famous for being unoriginal, the 3rd party rarely has a happy ending. So I think Kenix's Angie will not get the happy ending with Ray's Marcus. But hopefully I am wrong...

However, in a way, her possible death will make her character more memorable, and will leave her a place in Ray's heart forever. At least Ray will know that in his lifetime, a woman loved him so much that she sacrificed her life for him.

But I can't explain the wedding scene...Based on the news photos for the wedding, Angie's dad was not there, neither were Anita, Joe, Gallen and obviously Jamie. The only ones present were Nancy, Sharon, Kenneth, Benz and even Angie's ex-boyfriend...

Michelle said...

I know! I can't understand the wedding scene either.

asdf said...

I am thinking the wedding scene is a scene that is probably toward the middle of the series. They probably just film it toward the very end and they will edit back into the middle of the series. That is probably the best explanation I can come up. I bet Ray's Marcus will forget Kenix's Angie after awhile if he returns to his ex wife Jamie. TVB loves making storyline like this.

Michelle said...

i think what mtd was saying was that if the wedding was towards the middle, then how come we don't see anyone attending the wedding, especially Angie's dad.

if he dies already, then Angie can't get married that soon.

asdf said...

Has anyone been keeping up to date with the series? I dont have time to watch it because of school work but I heard some bad rumors saying that the series does not live up to its hype and the storyline seems kind of dull and disappointing. Is this really true? I hope not.

Michelle said...

Hm... I'm not surprised that the series isn't doing well in terms of ratings. I've watched upt to espisode 16 & nothing seems to be happening, business-wise. It mainly concentrates on relationships. I mean, I enjoy the series because of Kenix & because I enjoy watching the veterans, but I won't blame others for not liking it.

Even though Beyond the Realm of Conscience is doing very well, I don't plan on watching it though, simply because I'm not interested in watching TVB's sons & daughters.

asdf said...

I dont mind watching a series about relationships but if it focuses so much on relationships, I dont think they should name the series Born Rich and make it seems like it focuses on business

Anonymous said...

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